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Re: Release 2.23: Ping

On Mon, 3 Sep 2012, Tristan Gingold wrote:

> >  Did I miss anything?
> At least the snapshot announcement:
> > 
> > I have just created the 2.23 branch and uploded prerelease 2.22.90 at:
> >


> The branch was created in July, so you need to backport all these patches.
> I can take care of that, providing you sent me the url of the 
> binutils-cvs@ messages.

 Hmm, I would like to get included at least these:

(I suggest combining the above three into one; non-MIPS clean-ups from the 
second can be discarded as far as I'm concerned)

and these would be good to have too:

the latters including in particular test suite coverage for some of the 
changes from the first set (unfortunately the dependencies require pulling 
much more than the minimal required set).  I've dropped some minor updates 
that I made in that period.  Overall I worked on the submissions in the 
first half of August with the explicit intent to have them included in 
2.23, sigh...

 Thanks for your offer WRT applying these -- do you have any way to 
process these messages automatically?  Otherwise it might perhaps be 
easier if I replayed the original commits on binutils-2_23-branch from the 
original patches.  WDYT?


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