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Re: Release 2.23: Ping


> as far as I understand, aarch64 was committed in the 2.23 branch.  I'd
> like to thanks for doing this timely.

 Has the 2.23 branch been already created?  Did I miss anything?  I'm 
asking seriously -- the list server seems to be playing tricks with me, I 
only received one of the replies to your e-mail in this thread and I had 
to poke at the server to send me the rest as a digest, hmm...

> Is there any patch that need to be in the 2.23 release ?  Please, reply
> quickly as I'd like to do the release soon.

 Well, if the branch was created before last Tuesday, then I'd like my 
export class bug fixes to be included, specifically these:

If it was even before Aug 13th, then I'd like to see all the bug fixes I 
pushed recently between the time the branch was created and now.  This 
trivial documentation fix:

2012-08-31  Maciej W. Rozycki  <>

	* doc/c-mips.texi (MIPS Opts): Correct a typo in the -mips5

would then be the icing on the cake ;) -- we want our user documentation 
to be always perfectly accurate, don't we?


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