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[PATCH] ld: -rpath must search under sysroot

The -rpath argument would search the host filesystem for libraries,
even when a sysroot was defined.  For cross toolchains with targets
compatible with the host architecture this can find incorrect
libraries.  Leave -rpath-link unmodified, as build systems in the wild
are already using this to point to host directories.

Signed-off-by: Andy Ross <>
 ld/emultempl/elf32.em | 10 +++++++---
 1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/ld/emultempl/elf32.em b/ld/emultempl/elf32.em
index de51050..35e0e7e 100644
--- a/ld/emultempl/elf32.em
+++ b/ld/emultempl/elf32.em
@@ -1263,9 +1263,13 @@ fragment <<EOF
 if [ "x${USE_LIBPATH}" = xyes ] ; then
 fragment <<EOF
-	  if (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_search_needed (command_line.rpath,
-						  &n, force))
-	    break;
+	  if (command_line.rpath) {
+	    char *tmprp = gld${EMULATION_NAME}_add_sysroot (command_line.rpath);
+	    found = gld${EMULATION_NAME}_search_needed (tmprp, &n, force);
+	    free(tmprp);
+	    if (found)
+	      break;
+	  }
 if [ "x${NATIVE}" = xyes ] ; then

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