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[PATCH] Enabling PSN support in IA64 assembler and objdump.

   Resending, unneeded ChaneLog diffs excluded from the patch.

   Hi all,
This patch enables Itanium Series 9500 (Poulson) support in asm and objdump.
Is it ok for trunk?

bfd/ChangeLog entry:

2012-08-07  Sergey A. Guriev <>

        * cpu-ia64-opc.c (ins_cnt6a): New function.
        (ext_cnt6a): Ditto.
        (ins_strd5b): Ditto.
        (ext_strd5b): Ditto.
        (elf64_ia64_operands): Add new operand types.

gas/ChangeLog entry:

2012-08-07  Sergey A. Guriev  <>

        * config/tc-ia64.c (reg_symbol): Add a new register.
        (indirect_reg): Ditto.
        (pseudo_func): Add new symbolic constants.
        (operand_match): Add new operand types recognition.
        (operand_insn): Add new register recognition.
        (md_begin): Add new register definition.
        (specify_resource): Add new register recognition.

gas/testsuite/ChangeLog entry:

2012-08-07  Sergey A. Guriev  <>

        * gas/testsuite/gas/ia64/psn.d: New file.
        * gas/testsuite/gas/ia64/psn.s: New file.
        * gas/testsuite/gas/ia64/ia64.exp: Add new testcase.
        * gas/testsuite/gas/ia64/opc-i.d: Fixed failing tests.
        * gas/testsuite/gas/ia64/opc-m.d: Ditto.

include/opcode/ChangeLog entry:

2012-08-07  Sergey A. Guriev <>

        * ia64.h (ia64_opnd): Add new operand types.

opcodes/ChangeLog entry:

2012-08-07  Sergey A. Guriev <>

        * ia64-asmtab.h (completer_index): Extend bitfield to full uint.
        * ia64-gen.c: Promote completer index type to longlong.
        (irf_operand): Add new register recognition.
        (in_iclass_mov_x): Add an entry for the new mov_* instruction type.
        (lookup_specifier): Add new resource recognition.
        (insert_bit_table_ent): Relax abort condition according to the
        changed completer index type.
        (print_dis_table): Fix printf format for completer index.
        * ia64-ic.tbl: Add a new instruction class.
        * ia64-opc-i.c (ia64_opcodes_i): Define new I-instructions.
        * ia64-opc-m.c (ia64_opcodes_m): Define new M-instructions.
        * ia64-opc.h: Define short names for new operand types.
        * ia64-raw.tbl: Add new RAW resource for DAHR register.
        * ia64-waw.tbl: Add new WAW resource for DAHR register.
        * ia64-asmtab.c: Regenerate.

Thank you.
  -- Sergey

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