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Re: [PATCH] MIPS: Enable NewABI testing for all Linux targets

On Sat, 4 Aug 2012, Richard Sandiford wrote:

> >> That's just for the record though.  The OK still stands.

 So I have committed this change now, thanks for your review.  I'll think 
of something cleverer in place of this -march=from-abi option as time 
permits; fortunately it's greppable, so easily replaced.

> >  Can you comment on my concerns about config.bfd too?
> Not including the targets in the BFD64 block at the time that the
> extra vectors were added was probably an oversight.

 I've been wondering if these extra vectors were added by mistake instead, 
like slipped through in a larger commit unnoticed.  I'll post a fix to the 
BFD64 block separately.

> Providing a separate configuration that isn't BFD64 and doesn't have the
> extra vectors seems more trouble than it's worth TBH.  If you disagree
> though, please go ahead.

 My understanding is it only really matters for hosts that do not have a 
64-bit integer type and therefore cannot handle 64-bit quantities.  In 
which case I couldn't care less, GCC has supported 64-bit long long on 
32-bit hosts since time immemorial and the last teething problems in this 
area I seem to remember went away in late 1990s.


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