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Re: [PATCH] MIPS: Enable NewABI tests for SDE targets

On Sat, 4 Aug 2012, Richard Sandiford wrote:

> >  A list of lists seems more in the spirit of TCL to me, while a vector is 
> > more C-like
> Not sure about that.  "foreach { a b .. } ..." is provided exactly to make
> flat lists easy to handle.  [string map ...] takes a flat list rather than
> a list of lists.  Flat lists are also what is used by [array set ...]
> and [array get ...], so that one easy way of handling unordered key-value
> list arguments is:
>     array set foo $argument
>     if { [info exists $foo(key)] } ...
> If you're lucky enough to be able to rely on Tcl 8.5, then dict operates
> in just the same way.  Flat lists can even be used as dicts directly,
> without any conversion.
> I don't know of any native Tcl operation that uses lists of lists instead.

 They're easily traversed and many examples in the reference manual use 
nested lists, but your arguments sound convincing to me, I agree.

> > However please note that implementing your suggestion will make the
> > two run_dump_test implementations confusingly different -- do you
> > still want me to proceed?
> That's a clincher though.  Please go with your original patch.

 I have therefore applied it now (and the update, although separately, 
sorry about that), thanks for your review.  Let's wait for some rainy 
evening to get the two procedures converted to a flat list.


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