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Re: [PATCH] MIPS: Enable NewABI testing for all Linux targets

"Maciej W. Rozycki" <> writes:
>  The MIPS/Linux configuration enables all ABI backends for all targets, 
> including ones that used to support o32 only (e.g. plain mips-linux, 
> mipsel-linux, etc.).  I don't know when the change was made, but at that 
> time the test suites were not adjusted to take that into account and these 
> configurations fail to test support for the additional ABIs now included.
>  Here's a change that updates the GAS and LD test suites accordingly; this 
> builds upon the infrastructure brought with the SDE NewABI testing update.  
>  Several test cases had to be adjusted for targets that do not update the 
> ISA selected when the ABI requested requires one higher than the toolchain 
> has been configured to default for; my understanding is this is 
> intentional.  This has triggered regressions in testing immediately after 
> enabling for mipsisa32-linux and mipsisa32el-linux targets, and the test 
> case updates included cover them so that the final version below does not 
> cause any new problems.
>  OK to apply?


I'm ambivalent about this change.  It seems to me that while
it's running more tests, it's actually giving less coverage.
It's forcing more and more of the GNU/Linux tests to act in the same way
as mips64-linux-gnu, so fewer of the mipsisa64-linux-gnu tests (say) are
actually testing the way that mipsisa64-linux-gnu itself will be used.

I.e. -n64, -n32 and -32 are commonplace options for all mips*-linux-gnu,
but -mabi=from-abi is either redundant (for the base configurations)
or incompatible with the target libraries, and so unlikely to be used.

That's just for the record though.  The OK still stands.


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