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Re: [AArch64] Binutils/gas/ld port for ARM's new 64-bit architecture, AArch64 [5/6] ld changes

On Mon, 30 Jul 2012, Yufeng Zhang wrote:

> +aarch64*-*-linux*)
> +  MULTIARCHTUPLE=aarch64-linux-gnu
> +  ;;

As I said for the GCC port, it's inappropriate for this sort of thing to 
be present unconditionally for one architecture.  Someone needs to submit 
generic binutils support for this Debian scheme, *conditional on an 
appropriate configure option*, and *after that* this port can have the 
appropriate settings to support the scheme *conditionally*.

I note you have some changes of the form:

>  # No shared lib support on this target.
> -if { [istarget "mcore-*-*"] } {
> +if { [istarget "mcore-*-*"] || [istarget "aarch64-*-*"] } {

Is it really the case that there is no shared library support for this 
port?  If not, the comments need updating.  In general, please explain, 
for each test being disabled for this target, why it is correct to disable 

Joseph S. Myers

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