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Re: Translations by developers

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the response!

> I don't speak for the binutils maintainers, but it seems to me that
> doing translations in any way other than through the translation
> project would simply lead to confusion.  I see clear disadvantages,
> and I see no advantages at all.  So if you think this is a good idea,
> I think you need to explain why.

No, I simply didn't know what the best approach was. I assumed that
they're stored in the CVS repo with the source. It appears as though
check-ins are done by people after the material is emailed by the
robot. I guess circumventing that flow could lead to a newer version
being replaced by an older one, though.

> Or, are you asking whether you can do your own translations for your
> own private distributions of the binutils?

No, I'm fully conversant with GPL requirements :-)

> I have to admit that I don't understand the question.

It occurred to me after sending that email that perhaps the
translations are keyed off of the in-source text anyway, and that what
I assumed was hard coded was in fact not, and instead a call through a
service that looks things up appropriately. Excuse my naivety on this
matter :-)



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