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Re: Maintainers file patch for M68HC1x port.

On Tue, 2012-07-24 at 13:49 -0700, Sean Keys wrote:
> The bulk of your patch was for XGATE support within the HC1x tools, not 
> fixes or additions to the port itself.

Erm? What about the addition of the S12X instruction support, objdump
output enhancements and HC11, HC12 testcase fixes ? Those all sound very
much like fixes and additions to the port itself.

>  >( I'm still not sure I can think
>  >of a case where a symbol would be created in XGATE space.. 
> It's a valid and reasonable use case, therefore in my opinion it should 
> be left up to the developer. I ran the existing test-suite to make sure 
> it was harmless to existing usage, of course.

My question was based on the fact that I've not used it that way. (Isn't
asking questions and peer review a core part of open source software
such as binutils?) In my application all the variables are defined in
the S12 code and the XGATE code links against them.
Could you point me to the Freescale datasheet that you mentioned so I
can have a look at what they are doing.



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