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Re: ld sysroot scripts

Hi Alan,
I'm having a problem with cross compiling binutils, gcc and glibc on a
Redhat5 system.

Since you are using a Red Hat release, you are presumably paying for support. In which case I would suggest that your first port of call would be to Red Hat support.

Is there any information available on applying this patch,

There are no notes specific to applying this patch.

In general patches that do not apply cleanly can be applied by hand with a small amount of effort.

or on a later version?

The patch is in H.J.'s latest binutils for the kernel tarball (binutils- See:

You could just use these sources as a drop in replacement for your current linker sources.

Is there any further information about the problem Modra's patch addresses?

Yes, the bug report that triggered the patch:

Obviously I'm trying to compile binutils-2.22.

Except that RHEL5 is based on binutils 2.17 not 2.22. If you are using the current 2.22 release then I would suggest that your best option is to either use a tarball from H.J's site (mentioned above) or else check out the current binutils development sources from the CVS repository and use those instead.


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