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I use Binutils I encountered an error in the G++ 4.8 testsuite on ARM:

/home/sh/git-rtems-testing/gcc/b-arm-gcc/gcc/testsuite/g++/../../g++ -B/home/sh/git-rtems-testing/gcc/b-arm-gcc/gcc/testsuite/g++/../../ /home/sh/archive/gcc-4.8-20120617/gcc/testsuite/g++.dg/debug/debug4.C g++_tg.o -fno-diagnostics-show-caret -nostdinc++ -I/home/sh/git-rtems-testing/gcc/b-arm-gcc/arm-rtems4.11/libstdc++-v3/include/arm-rtems4.11 -I/home/sh/git-rtems-testing/gcc/b-arm-gcc/arm-rtems4.11/libstdc++-v3/include -I/home/sh/archive/gcc-4.8-20120617/libstdc++-v3/libsupc++ -I/home/sh/archive/gcc-4.8-20120617/libstdc++-v3/include/backward -I/home/sh/archive/gcc-4.8-20120617/libstdc++-v3/testsuite/util -fmessage-length=0 -gdwarf-2 -g3 -O2 -isystem /home/sh/git-rtems-testing/gcc/b-arm-gcc/arm-rtems4.11/./newlib/targ-include -isystem /home/sh/archive/gcc-4.8-20120617/newlib/libc/include -mcpu=arm7tdmi -B/home/sh/install-4.8-20120617/arm-rtems4.11/edb7312/lib/ -specs bsp_specs -qrtems -B/home/sh/git-rtems-testing/gcc/b-arm-gcc/arm-rtems4.11/./newlib/ -L/home/sh/git-rtems-testing/gcc/b-arm-gcc/arm-rtems4.11/./newlib /home/sh/git-rtems-testing/gcc/b-arm-gcc/rtems_gcc_main.o -L/home/sh/git-rtems-testing/gcc/b-arm-gcc/arm-rtems4.11/./libstdc++-v3/src/.libs -B/home/sh/git-rtems-testing/gcc/b-arm-gcc/arm-rtems4.11/./libstdc++-v3/src/.libs -Wl,-wrap,exit -Wl,-wrap,_exit -Wl,-wrap,main -Wl,-wrap,abort -lm -o debug4.exe -Wl,-Map, -save-temps
/opt/rtems-4.11/bin/arm-rtems4.11-ld: debug4.exe section `.unexpected_sections' will not fit in region `UNEXPECTED_SECTIONS'
/opt/rtems-4.11/bin/arm-rtems4.11-ld: region `UNEXPECTED_SECTIONS' overflowed by 2053 bytes
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

This is because my linker command file contains

  .unexpected_sections : { *(*) } > UNEXPECTED_SECTIONS

to catch all unexpected sections.

The unexpected section is this:

objdump -h debug4.o
 10 .debug_macro  00000804  00000000  00000000  0000019d  2**0

The standard linker command file has no hint. A "arm-rtems4.11-ld --verbose | grep debug_macro" yields nothing.

I added this line to my linker command file:

.debug_macro 0 : { *(.debug_macro) }

Is this the right fix? If it is ok, then why doesn't the standard linker command file have it?

Sebastian Huber, embedded brains GmbH

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