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Re: How to use dwarf-mode.el? [Was: Patch: fixlets to dwarf-mode.el]

>>>>> "Georg-Johann" == Georg-Johann Lay <> writes:

Georg-Johann> Is there a description how to use that mode?

I forgot to write one.

To start it, use M-x dwarf-browse.
It will prompt for a file name.

There are really only two commands available in the mode.

If you see '...' in the buffer, that is where some DIEs have been
omitted.  You can move there and use RET to view the DIEs.  With an
argument this will show all DIEs under that point (default is just one
more level).

If you see a DIE reference (they are underlined and blue if you have
font-lock), you can move there and use RET to jump to the referenced DIE.

Georg-Johann> I tried to follow with
Georg-Johann> emacs 22 and that step appeared to pass successfully.

Georg-Johann> dwarf-mode.el:170:1:Warning: the function `special-mode' is not known to be
Georg-Johann>     defined.

I don't know when special-mode was added, but I guess after Emacs 22.

You can try s/special-mode/nil/ and see if that works.
If it does maybe I can make it adaptive.


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