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How to use dwarf-mode.el? [Was: Patch: fixlets to dwarf-mode.el]

Tom Tromey wrote:

> This patch fixes a few minor issues in dwarf-mode.el.
> First, it adds a trailing comment.  This lets you install the file using
> package.el, e.g., M-x package-install-file.
> Next, it fixes a byte compilation warning found when doing this.
> Finally, it bumps the version number, which I think is a nice thing to
> do whenever modifying it.  In most cases this is needed so that
> package.el will install the updated version; in this particular case
> that could be avoided (since one cannot install the unpatched version),
> but I felt it was a good practice to get into.

Hi, allow me the following question, please:

Is there a description how to use that mode?

I tried to follow with
emacs 22 and that step appeared to pass successfully.

With M-X package-install-file and the patched dwarf-mode.el
emacs babbles:

Compiling file /home/georg/.emacs.d/elpa/dwarf-mode-1.1/dwarf-mode-pkg.el at
Wed Jun 13 11:27:27 2012

Compiling file /home/georg/.emacs.d/elpa/dwarf-mode-1.1/dwarf-mode.el at Wed
Jun 13 11:27:27 2012

In end of data:
dwarf-mode.el:170:1:Warning: the function `special-mode' is not known to be

I also tried the following in .emacs:

(load "~/dwarf-mode.el" t t)

M-x dwarf-mode is recognized but it says then

> Symbol's function definition is void: special-mode

Just for reference, here is that part of dwarf-mode.el:

(define-derived-mode dwarf-mode special-mode "DWARF"
  "Major mode for browsing DWARF output.


Many thanks.

Emacs is great bit I'm always feeling too stupid
if it's about to customize it :-(


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