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Re: ./configure --target seems to be ignored.

On Mon, Jun 04, 2012 at 07:57:20AM -0400, Hans-Peter Nilsson wrote:
     Yes, because MMO is not a linkable format.  The GNU assembler
     produces objects that must be further processed by the linker,
     unlike for example nasm (for flat binary .COM) and mmixal. 

I see.   In other words the assembler cannot produce MMO, but the linker can.

     have to ask - do you know what these formats are (as opposed to
     e.g. trying to see what object formats can be produced)?
     Knowing what you try to achieve might help improving the

No.  I am experimenting, in order to become (more) familiar with binutils.
     It's admittedly a bit unclear in the ld documentation that
     "emulation" can mean "output format" (one might be tempted to
     use "-b", but that'd be wrong), but I think the rest of the
     information you seek is there.  I really much prefer improving
     the linker documentation over clarifying it on a mailing list,
     so please have a look and tell the first question that comes to
I was a little surprised to find that the default output filename from the 
assembler was "a.out", since I am used to that being an executable file.
I was then  initially confused, when I tried passing that file to the linker
and got the error:

./ld/ld-new -m mmo a.out
a.out: file not recognized: File truncated

until I realised that it was overwriting the input file with its output.

Why does the assembler produce a file which cannot be passed to the linker
without renaming?


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