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Re: Fix am__TEXINFO_TEX_DIR for gprof and ld

On 31.05.2012 17:46, Christophe Lyon wrote:
On 31.05.2012 16:50, Andreas Schwab wrote: is a generated file, you should change instead.
Sorry; I am not very familiar with automake, and I thought it was a matter of automake version rather then contents.

The reason why bfd/doc/ has a different value of
am__TEXINFO_TEX_DIR is that it is generated with the cygnus option,
which changes the default value of TEXINFO_TEX to what is used in
ld/  But automake always prepends $(srcdir) to an explictly
given value for TEXINFO_TEX, unlike the implict default value.
So, do you suggest that I replace no-texinfo.tex by cygnus? This has more side effects on depcomp no longer defined, infodir no longer part of installdirs.

Is it OK? automake doc seems to advise to avoid using the cygnus option if possible, but doesn't mention that it always prepends $(srcdir): is there another way to avoid that without using the cygnus option?

The removal of the cygnus option occurred then:

So I guess it's not a good idea that I re-introduce it now.


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