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Re: INPUT_SECTION_FLAGS broken (Was: [RFA] PowerPC VLE port)

What if you're disassembling a ppc64 object file where sec_flg2 has a
different meaning?  Fix this by passing info->section to a predicate
function living in elf32-ppc.c something along the lines of

is_ppc_vle (asection *sec)
   return (sec->owner != NULL
	&&  is_ppc_elf (sec->owner)
	&&  sec->has_vle_insns);

Declare in, I dunno, elf32-ppc.h preferably but this will require
you to pull other headers into ppc-dis.h.  elf-bfd.h as a last resort.

Thanks for the comments, I'll look at it this now.

-/* This bit is reserved by BFD for processor specific stuff.  Name
-   it properly so that we can easily stay consistent elsewhere.  */
went quite a while ago, which you'll discover when you try to commit
the patch.  Please fix corresponding changelog.

I disagree.. the patch was generated via: cvs diff with a recent checkout. I just did another checkout and these lines are present. They can also be seen here:

Somehow you & I are out of sync!?

-- Jim Lemke Mentor Graphics / CodeSourcery Orillia Ontario, +1-613-963-1073

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