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Re: gold incremental file format on 64-bit

Cary Coutant <> writes:

> 2012-04-23  David S. Miller Â<>
> 	    Cary Coutant  <>
> 	* (find_input_containing_global): Replace
> 	magic number with symbolic constant.
> 	(dump_incremental_inputs): Update version number.
> 	* (Output_section_incremental_inputs): Update version
> 	number; import symbolic constants from Incremental_inputs_reader.
> 	(Incremental_inputs::create_data_sections): Align relocations
> 	section correctly for 64-bit targets.
> 	(Output_section_incremental_inputs::set_final_data_size): Use symbolic
> 	constants; add padding.
> 	(Output_section_incremental_inputs::write_header): Add assert for
> 	header_size.
> 	(Output_section_incremental_inputs::write_input_files): Add assert
> 	for input_entry_size.
> 	(Output_section_incremental_inputs::write_info_blocks): Add padding;
> 	add assert for object_info_size, input_section_entry_size,
> 	global_sym_entry_size.
> 	* incremental.h (Incremental_inputs_reader): Add symbolic constants
> 	for data structure sizes; use them.
> 	(Incremental_input_entry_reader): Import symbolic constants from
> 	Incremental_inputs_reader; use them.

This is OK.



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