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Re: git question

>>>>> "Fred" == Fred Cooke <> writes:

Fred> Doesn't anyone else find it somewhat sad that the thread titled "time
Fred> to be serious about dropping CVS" is nearly two and a half years old?

Sure.  But Joel looked into it and concluded that using git for
development and CVS for the final commit was good enough that it
outweighed the substantial work and irritation of trying to complete the

I assume everybody else made the same calculation.  Well, plus some
people hate git.

Fred> 2) One repo for the three chunks that is shared across the two projects

Fred> I'd almost always favour the former approach given the choice. I
Fred> wonder, how do the people who matter on this list feel about the two
Fred> options? (In mid-2012, not historically)

#2 is my choice.
I still consider Joseph's note the gold standard.

Fred> Although it's going to be a lot of work to get done, the end result is
Fred> _very_ clearly worth it, and pushing it back further just hurts the
Fred> project, as a whole. Is it time to (actually) get serious about
Fred> getting serious?

I see it not as a question of attitude but of time, motivation and

If you are volunteering I will get you the access you need to get
started.  I guess that would be the CVS history and post-commit scripts
at least.  You can really do a lot of the work without anything special.


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