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Re: git question

Thanks for the links, Tom, and for the succinct explanation, Ian.

Doesn't anyone else find it somewhat sad that the thread titled "time
to be serious about dropping CVS" is nearly two and a half years old?

Given what you've explained about bfd/opcodes/gdb/binutils, there are
only really two ways to go, right?

1) Three repos and associated scripts to pull in and/or update the shared one
2) One repo for the three chunks that is shared across the two projects

I'd almost always favour the former approach given the choice. I
wonder, how do the people who matter on this list feel about the two
options? (In mid-2012, not historically)

Although it's going to be a lot of work to get done, the end result is
_very_ clearly worth it, and pushing it back further just hurts the
project, as a whole. Is it time to (actually) get serious about
getting serious?



On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 3:41 PM, Ian Lance Taylor <> wrote:
> Fred Cooke <> writes:
>> I've been on the list four months and have 360 threads and 1000+
>> emails in my account and this is the first one with git in the subject
>> line. I figured it was time for a bump! Who has the necessary
>> authority to get it done? What does getting it done actually mean? Is
>> it as simple as turning off CVS committing, updating the git repos and
>> starting to commit to the git repo? (plus links and website updates,
>> etc, of course)
> There are several different projects that live together in the src
> repository. ?We would have to decide to abandon that property, and let
> each project break out on its own.
> We would have to decide what to do with the shared directories. ?E.g.,
> both gdb and binutils share the bfd and opcodes directories. ?If gdb and
> the binutils move into separate git repositories, we really don't want
> their copies of the directories to diverge.
> This means that it is not enough to just do it. ?If there is a single
> bfd/opcodes GIT repository, then we need scripts to assemble different
> git repositories into a source tree that can actually be built. ?If gdb
> and the binutils each have their own copies of bfd/opcodes, then we need
> ongoing mechanisms to ensure that the copies remain the same.
> Ian

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