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".symver" and "-flto" interaction resulting in link failure with undefined references

Re: 68hc11/12/s12x/xgate patch

Re: [Bug ld/13561] AIX link failure: RLD address not contained in section

[COMMITTED PATCH] fix i386-nacl PIC PLT0 padding

[COMMITTED PATCH] missing eh_frame bits in parameterize elf64-x86-64 PLT generation

[Committed] S/390: Fix pku operands

[gold patch committed] Fix handling of DW_LNE_define_file opcode

Re: [gold patch] Decompress sections in Read_symbols task

[gold patch] GDB index 1/2: Add new DWARF declarations

[gold patch] GDB index 2/2: Add --gdb-index option

[GOLD][PATCH] exempt ARM from test initpri3b

[GOLD][PATCH] Fix -z relro bugs

[GOLD][PATCH] Fix ARM backend's handling of protected symbol in a DSO

[Patch 0/5] Support ld for ia64 VMS

[Patch 1/5] ld for ia64 VMS: Minor tweaks in elflink.c

Re: [Patch 2/5] ld for ia64 VMS: Extract elf64-ia64-vms.c from elfnn-ia64.c

[Patch 3/5] ld for ia64 VMS: Makefile and configure in bfd

[Patch 4/5] ld for ia64 VMS: ld part

[Patch 5/5] ld for ia64 VMS: Build ld

[patch bfd]: Fix PR ld/12742 for windows targets

[patch ld]: Improve speed for import-table resolving for aliases

[PATCH v2] .bundle_align_mode

[PATCH v2] gas: Emit A2 encoding for ARM PUSH/POP with single register

[patch v2] ld: optimize vfinfo output slightly

[PATCH, MIPS] Add -march=xlp

[PATCH] .bundle_align_mode

Re: [PATCH] [MIPS] add MIPS64DSPR2 support.

[PATCH] Allow R_68K_TLS_LE{8,16,32} for PIE

[PATCH] arm-nacl target support for BFD and GAS

[PATCH] BFD and GAS support for arm-nacl target

[PATCH] BFD and GAS support for x86_64-nacl target

[PATCH] BFD linker support for x86 nacl targets

[PATCH] BFD/gas support for arm-nacl target

[PATCH] fix PR gold/13320, inline thumb stubs in PLT entries

RE: [PATCH] gas: .warn and .nowarn pseudo-ops.

[PATCH] gas: Emit A2 encoding for ARM PUSH/POP with single register

[Patch] ld: improve print of SEGMENT_START expression.

[patch] ld: optimize vfinfo output slightly

[PATCH] ld: Set want64 on a 64-bit host regardless of --enable-all-targets

[PATCH] parameterize elf64-x86-64 PLT generation

[PATCH] S/390 BFD: Use the section shortcuts in elf_link_hash_table

[PATCH] S/390 Some comment fixes

[PATCH] S/390: Improve PLT slot generation a bit

[PATCH] S/390: Remove struct elf_s390_dyn_relocs

[patch] XGATE CPU Support

[Patch]: Add '\n' to --demangle error message

Re: [Patch]: Fix crash in gprof (SunOS 5.8 only)

[PATCH][GOLD] Avoid generating unused dynamic relocation for __exidx_{start,end}

[PATH] gas: .warn and .nowarn pseudo-ops.

[RFA/ARM] Fix handling of Tag_DIV_use

[RFA/ARM]Enable Binutils to support -mcpu=cortex-m0plus

Re: [RFA] PowerPC VLE port

[RFC PATCH] BFD linker support for i?86-nacl and x86_64-nacl targets

Re: [RFC] PR ld/13621

[SH] .8byte directive (for DWARF data)

[VMS/committed] Make VMS library files extendable

[VMS/committed]: Add two comments to include/vms/lbr.h

Add compiler and linker hardening after the fact

Re: Another linker performance issue

arm-eabi regressions from Re: mapping of stripped section syms

attempt to move .org backwards

Avoid 64-bit Solaris/SPARC -gstabs link failures (PR ld/12152)

Binutils, GDB, GCC and Automake's 'cygnus' option

Re: bug in elf32-tic6x.c binutils

Re: bug#11034: Binutils, GDB, GCC and Automake's 'cygnus' option

can not compile binutils with mingw-w64 (64 bits)

Check for -z,now in binary?

Commit: MN10300: Add TLS support

Committed: fix ld/configure.tgt for mips*-freebsd*

DLL linking performance

DLL loading performance

dwarf debug information support for ELF targets in the assembler

Fix ld-m68k/m68k.exp ("TLS indirect symbol use") failure

Fix ld/13803: ARM test-cases for "erratum 760522 fix" failing for arm-linux-gnueabi

Fix other MIPS ld test-suite failures.

Fix PR ld/13813, ld-mips-elf/comm-data.exp 64-bit ld failures for mipsisa32r2el

Fix some PR ld/3809 MIPS failures (part 2)

GAS: Short Jumps

generating ELF layout with ehdr in the middle of the address space

getting the line of a function when walking the stack with libbfd

Gnu assembler fsub "bug" status

gold patch committed: Correctly mark .init_array as relro

gold patch committed: When merging common symbols, keep larger align

How can I do calling for external address in my "C" programm by inline GAS?

include files and libbfd.a

RE: Initial MIPS patch for GOLD - version 3

latest ld not inserting arm interworking shims?

ld --gc-sections and shared libs built with -q

ld emitting blx immdetiate for Cortex M3

ld sysroot scripts

libintl not provided ?

m68hc11 %hi relocate problem with carry

mapping of stripped section syms

microblaze-elf - missing priority for the constructors

New Vietnamese PO file for 'ld' (version 2.21.53)

no DLL built

objdump arm cortex

Re: Patch: Add support for XGATE CPU and update M68HCS12X port

Re: PATCH: new linker option for shared library COMDAT optimization

Re: PATCH: PR ld/13302: IRELATIVE relocation should come last

PATCH: PR ld/13817: Broken IFUNC support

PATCH: PR ld/13880: -Bsymbolic fails to handle protected function pointer

PING [RFA] PowerPC E5500 and E6500 support

PR 13894, ppc64 objdump -S segfault

pr13683 testcase

pr13839 fix

Question about JUMP and LINK

Relocations and linking GCC vs Intel C objects

RFA: consolidate DWARF strings into libiberty

RFA: correct xfailed mips-targets for localize-hidden-1 test

RFA: handle .gdb_index version 6

RFA: performance improvement for PowerPC disassembly

Section alignment not set when libbfd is built for all targets

Re: target_header_dir vs host-x-host

Tidy input file ld variables

tilegx warning

TLS question

Trivial doc patch #2

Trying to update the PIC32 port / INSN_MIPS16

ubuntu/debian testsuite breakage

Warning about zero-sized dynamic symbols

warnings when including bfd.h

Xfail some of PR ld/3809 MIPS failures (part 1)

XGATE bfd support.

Your tax extension has run out Id54667819

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