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Re: XGATE bfd support.

Hi Sean,

Please find attached a patch that adds XGATE support to the BFD section
of Binutils. I thought submitting a smaller portion of my port would
help ease the review process.

It helps a bit. But it also has its own problems. For example, the patched sources cannot be built because of missing files (eg include/elf/xgate.h).

Still here are a couple of comments from visually reviewing the patch:

* Please do not use C++ style // comments. Also if you comment out code, please decide whether it really needs to be left in the sources. If it is not needed, please just remove the code. If there is a good reason to leave the code in, albeit commented out, then please include the reason in a comment.

* The use of the PARAMS macro is now deprecated. We no longer support compiling with K&R style compilers. Please just include the parameter list, unadorned, in function prototypes.

* If you wish, you can omit patches to auto-generated files (eg, bfd-in2.h). We will regenerate these files ourselves when testing the patch.

The code itself looks fine. It would appear that the XGATE architecture is reasonably straightforward, so you have not been forced to leap through too many hoops in the bfd code.


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