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RE: [PATH] gas: .warn and .nowarn pseudo-ops.

> > I have added pseudo operators to locally disable assembler warnings.
> Thank you for the patch.  It looks good, but there are a 
> couple of small 
> points which I would like to see addressed:
>    1.  Do you have an FSF binutils copyright assignment ?
>        The patch is quite small, but I do not feel that it counts as 
> "obvious" since it is adding a new feature to the assembler.

No I do not have a copyright assignment. Please provide me the required documents.
>    2.  New features like this ought to be mentioned in the 
> gas/NEWS file.

I'll add something.

>    3.  You should also provide a test case for the gas 
> testsuite so that 
> we make sure that the feature continues to work into the future.  The 
> test should be architecture agnostic and it should make sure 
> that both 
> the turning off and turning back on of warnings works.

Unknown territory. Could you point me out a few examples that do something similar like you're requesting? 

> With these points resolved I would be happy to accept the patch.

Thanks !

- Jan

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