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no DLL built


I'm compiling the latests binutils with mingw-w64, and no DLL are
created for libintl, libiberty and libbdf. Usually, there are at least
2 things to do:

1) setting win32 "support" for libtool. That is, LT_INIT must be
called with win32-dll, that is : LT_INIT([dlopen win32-dll]). It's not
done afaics

2) passing -no-undefined to the **_LDFLAGS variable in If
I'm not mistaken, there's no problem in always passing -no-undefined
to **_LDFLAGS on some UNIX (solaris, *BSD, linux, Mac OS X) and
Windows hosts, but I may be wrong for strange platforms.

libintl : only static library
libiberty : no libtool, nothing is done for creating a DLL
libbfd : missing win32-dll in LT_INIT

on Windows,  it's useless to try to build a DLL if the dependencies
have no DLL. As libintl is anyway built with no DLL support, it's
useless to provide DLL support for libbfd and you should link
statically libintl and libiberty to libbfd. Hence, no problem anymore
with people complaining that libintl dll is missing when they link
against libbfd. Or else you provide a correct way to build DLL on

I can help with the autotools, if you want.


Vincent Torri

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