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Re: Fix other MIPS ld test-suite failures.

Hans-Peter Nilsson <> writes:
> For several mips*-elf-like targets, for example mips-elf,
> there's a lot of failures that seem related:
> Running
> /home/hp/binutils/src/ld/testsuite/ld-mips-elf/mips-elf.exp ...
> ...
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-00
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-01
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-02
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-03
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-04
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-05
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-10
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-11
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-12
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-13
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-14
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-15
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-20
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-21
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-22
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-23
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-24
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-25
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-30
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-31
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-32
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-33
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-34
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-35
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-40
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-41
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-42
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-43
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-44
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-45
> FAIL: ld-mips-elf/attr-gnu-4-51
> They all have the following clue in the ld.log (here, for mips-elf):
> ./ld-new: unrecognised emulation mode: elf32btsmip
> Supported emulations: elf32elmip
> Looking at the test-cases, they indeed specify the elf32btsmip
> linker "emulation" (here, in attr-gnu-4-00.d):
> #ld: -r -melf32btsmip
> But not all MIPS targets have that emulation.
> Tested with 'RUNTESTFLAGS=mips-elf.exp' cross to mipsel-linux,
> mipsisa32r2el-linux, mipsisa32r2el-elf, mipsisa32r2-elf,
> mipsel-elf, mips-elf, mips-sgi-irix6, mips-sgi-irix5,
> mipsel-sde-elf, mips64-kfreebsd-gnu, mips-dde-sysv4.2MP (a
> "mips-*-sysv*" yields ECOFF; a gas/ld inconsistency wart?),
> mipsisa64-sde-elf, mipsisa64el-elf, mips-freebsd8.2,
> mips64el-freebsd7.3, mips64-freebsd8.1, mipsel-freebsd7.2.
> together with the other posted fixes: lots of failures for
> mips-sgi-irix6 but none remaining for this test.  Results for
> *-freebsd* are blank and uninteresting as they returned too
> early due to mips-elf.exp gating on is_elf_target; see
> <>.
> (No currently open PR for these failures.)

For this one I'd prefer to convert the tests to run_ld_link_tests
(with a bit of Tcl magic rather than cutting-&-pasting each one).
Then we can use o32_as_flags and o32_ld_flags.  I say that because
embedded targets are arguably the ones where this feature is most

Will try to get to it Sometime if you don't want.  (Yes, I know it's
been like this for years :-(.)


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