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Re: [PATCH] BFD/gas support for arm-nacl target

On Fri, Mar 02, 2012 at 07:08:26PM +0000, Roland McGrath wrote:
> This patch enables arm*-*-nacl* targets in BFD and gas.
> The BFD target has only the most basic settings for this variant,
> i.e. enough for the assembler alone.
> Much more will be needed in bfd/ for the linking-related changes, which I
> will submit later on.  But this is a start, and I'd like to get it in now
> since it's enough for the assembler target.
> Ok for trunk?

I am not a maintainer so can't approve.

However, the code itself looks okay.  The only comment I would have is that
there are probably more tests in the testsuite that should match *-*-nacl*
than just those you have enabled:

>         * gas/arm/arch4t-eabi.d: Match *-*-nacl* targets too.
>         * gas/arm/arch4t.d: Likewise.
>         * gas/arm/got_prel.d: Likewise.
>         * gas/arm/got_prel.d: Likewise.
>         * gas/arm/mapdir.d: Likewise.
>         * gas/arm/mapmisc.d: Likewise.
>         * gas/arm/mapsecs.d: Likewise.
>         * gas/arm/mapshort-eabi.d: Likewise.
>         * gas/arm/mapshort-elf.d: Likewise.
>         * gas/arm/thumb-eabi.d: Likewise.
>         * gas/arm/thumb.d: Likewise.
>         * gas/arm/thumbrel.d: Likewise.

In particular those which check that the assembler is outputting the correct
attributes (any that have a # readelf: -A line in the .d file).



Matthew Gretton-Dann
Principal Engineer, PD Software, ARM Ltd.

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