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Re: [PATCH] .bundle_align_mode

On Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 9:39 AM, nick clifton <> wrote:
> Sorry for the delay in reviewing this patch.

Thanks for the review.

> The patch is fine apart from two problems:
> 1. You are modifying the style of the copyright notices [...]

Sorry.  The FSF has changed its advice to permit collapsed range syntax,
and I've recently reprogrammed my brain to convert things to new style
rather than just append the new year as before.  I'll stick to the old
style and leave the question for binutils maintainers to consider for
changing en masse.  (There's also a new trend of changing all the files en
masse at the beginning of each year, rather than just updating each file as
it's touched.  I hear GDB has started doing that, and I imagine that GDB
and binutils harmonizing their policies for this sort of trivia makes
sense.  But indeed this is all unrelated to my changes and I don't want
to muddy the waters.)

> 2. When I tested the patch locally I encountered a new failure in the gas
> testsuite for an arm-eabi toolchain:

Odd.  I definitely thought I tested those configurations, but maybe I
messed something up in my final iterations.  I'll look into it.


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