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Re: [PATCH] .bundle_align_mode

Hi Roland,

Ok for trunk?

Sorry for the delay in reviewing this patch.

The patch is fine apart from two problems:

1. You are modifying the style of the copyright notices at the start of the files that you are patching. Whilst I have no issue with the change itself, I feel that it would be better to have a completely separate patch to update all of the copyright notices in one go, rather than changing them piecemeal over time. Plus the change to the copyright notices has nothing to do with the implementation of the .bundle_align feature, so it really should not be included in the same patch.

2. When I tested the patch locally I encountered a new failure in the gas testsuite for an arm-eabi toolchain:

FAIL: ARM .bundle_lock

Looking in the gas.log the failure is this:

extra regexps in gas/testsuite/gas/arm/bundle-lock.d starting with "^ *2e0:\s+(be00\s+bkpt|1840\s+adds)\s+.+$"
EOF from dump.out

And the dump.out file for that region looks like this:

  000002d0 <thumb_sequence_3_offset_12>:
   2d0:	be00      	bkpt	0x0000
   2d2:	be00      	bkpt	0x0000
   2d4:	be00      	bkpt	0x0000
   2d6:	be00      	bkpt	0x0000
   2d8:	be00      	bkpt	0x0000
   2da:	be00      	bkpt	0x0000
   2dc:	1840      	adds	r0, r0, r1
   2de:	1a40      	subs	r0, r0, r1
   2e0:	1a40      	subs	r0, r0, r1
   2e2:	bf00      	nop
   2e4:	f3af 8000 	nop.w
   2e8:	f3af 8000 	nop.w
   2ec:	f3af 8000 	nop.w

Similarly an i686-pc-linux-gnu toolchain failed with:

extra regexps in gas/testsuite/gas/i386/bundle.d starting with "^ *22e0:\s+([0-9a-f][0-9a-f] )+\s+[a-z].+$"
EOF from dump.out
FAIL: i386 .bundle_align_mode

extra regexps in gas/testsuite/gas/i386/bundle-lock.d starting with "^ *22e0:\s+(f4\s+hlt|f8\s+clc)\s*$"
EOF from dump.out
FAIL: i386 .bundle_lock

[If it matters this is on a 32-bit x86 host running Fedora 16]

I would prefer not to introduce new gas testsuite failures. Plus it looks to me as if the failures are indicating the the .bundle_align feature is not working for long sequences of instructions. Please could you check this and determine if this is just my test environment being funny or if something needs to be fixed.


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