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Re: [Patch]: Fix crash in gprof (SunOS 5.8 only)

On Feb 23, 2012, at 5:56 PM, nick clifton wrote:

> Hi Tristan,
>> Ok for trunk ?
> Approved - please apply.

Thanks, committed.

>> PS: should we drop tahoe ?
> Not really apropos the email's topic, but I think that we could reasonably add tahoe to the list of obsolete targets and see if anyone complains.

Isn't it overly cautious ?  Tahoe was already removed from gas in 2005 by Alan:

2005-08-11  Alan Modra  <>
	* Remove a29k, h8500, m88k, tahoe, tic80, w65,
	bout and hp300 support.

And I am not sure that BFD really supports it.

Anyway, do we already have a list of obsolete targets ?

>> PPS: should we drop '-c' ?  It is supported by very few architectures (i386, alpha, tax, sparc, tahoe and mips) and looks broken at least on i386.
> The -c option to gprof, I assume you mean ?  Hmm, not sure. Is it the case that the heuristic(s) involved just need updating, or is the concept itself flawed ?

I have to dig more deeper.  At least the current implementation is somewhat flawed…


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