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Re: m68hc11 %hi relocate problem with carry

On Sat, 2012-03-03 at 15:40 -0700, Sean Keys wrote:
> Hi James,
> Have a look at my latest XGATE patch. Actually it worked fine in the 
> previous patch too but you would have to look at more than the opcode 
> table file to notice that :).  It's a simple port to follow and it 
> appears to work as it should.

I don't seem to be able to be able to compile it?

After adding in the missing config.sub, configure then works, but
building ends with numerous errors such as these:

/tmp/sean/bfd/elf32-xgate.c:580:1: error: âxgate_add_stubâ defined but
not used
/tmp/sean/bfd/elf32-xgate.c:635:1: error: âxgate_elf_set_symbolâ defined
but not used
/tmp/sean/bfd/elf32-xgate.c:627:1: error: âxgate_elf_export_one_stubâ
defined but not used
/tmp/sean/bfd/elf32-xgate.c:755:13: error: âscan_sections_for_abiâ
defined but not used
/tmp/sean/bfd/elf32-xgate.c:484:1: error:
âelf32_xgate_link_hash_newfuncâ defined but not used

This was built using:
--target=xgate 	--enable-targets=xgate 

I'm guessing that you took a different approach to the suggested one
from MIPs though? That is quite involved.
For XGATE the high and low parts should always be adjacent which can
hopefully use a simpler solution.

%hi/%lo do appear to be be used in one place by m68hc11 gcc, however I
have not been aware of any buggy code generated due to this potential %
hi carry problem, so a remedy might be to issue an error in the case of
%hi with addition to the symbol. (I'm not sure I have the time right now
to correctly implement the method from MIPs.)



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