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Re: PATCH: new linker option for shared library COMDAT optimization

On 02/29/2012 04:28 PM, Alan Modra wrote:
On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 11:23:14AM -0700, Sandra Loosemore wrote:
Would it suffice for the purposes of the current patch to add a bit
to the documentation for --shared-comdat explaining that it requires
that the comdat symbols have default (exported) visibility in the
shared library, and that this may require changes to how the library
is built?


Perhaps as a
less-strict version of what I have now, I could require that the
shared library provide definitions for only the comdat symbols that
are referenced, instead of all of them?

Yes, I think we could go ahead with these two changes.

Last night I was looking at implementing the changes for relaxing the requirement to match referenced symbols only, and I started thinking that this isn't a good idea after all, for a whole bunch of reasons.

* The ref_regular and ref_dynamic bits on the symbol don't distinguish between references within the group (or within another group that is a candidate for removal), and "real" references. So, without some more sophisticated form of symbol GC, this isn't likely to produce results that are transparent either to users or library implementors.

* Consider the degenerate case when none of the symbols defined in a group are referenced. Throwing the whole group away seems like the wrong thing -- e.g., consider that you're building a shared library that specifically wants to provide and export some template instantiations to its consumers, and is itself built with --shared-comdat.

* In the original version of the patch I posted previously, I'd left some debugging hooks in place. One of them printed a message if it found a partial match -- some of the symbols defined in a comdat group were provided by a shared library, but not all of them. In practice, when I had the debugging enabled I never once saw that condition triggered in all the testing I did, so I suspect this is really a corner case and not critical functionality.

The more I think about it, allowing for a library to provide only a subset of symbols in a group just seems like a Bad Idea, and in violation of the spirit that groups are supposed to be manipulated as a unit. So I'd like to drop this suggestion, and just go with the documentation change to my original patch instead. OK?


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