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64-bit host failures, arc

64-bit host failures, crx

64-bit host failures, h8300

64-bit host failures, ms1

64-bit host failures, sh

64-bit host failures, tic4x

64-bit host failures, v850

64-bit host warning fix

64-bit support for srec

Re: 68hc11/12/s12x/xgate patch

[commit] [patch] Fix gcc-4.7 memset zero-length warning

[commited] TILE-Gx/TILEPro: delete dead code in gas.

[commited] TILE-Gx/TILEPro: gas fix for accessing non-local symbol field

[commited] TILE-Gx/TILEPro: improve tls support

[commited] TILE-Gx: add bfd_arch_info_type for 32-bit tilegx.

[commited] TILE-Gx: add support for big endian.

[Committed] S/390: Support basr in the TLS code optimization

[Committed]: avoid some uninitialized variable warnings

[committed]: Fix think in cast (archive.c)

[Committed]: Minor cleanup in real_fopen

[gold patch] Decompress sections in Read_symbols task

[GOLD][PATCH] Use PIC ARM stubs in position independent executables too.

[Patch bfd/mach-o] implement bfd_get_arch_size for mach-o.

[Patch bfd/mach-o] some tweaks to bfd_mach_o_canonicalize_one_reloc

[patch binutils/ld]: Fix name-issue in def-file parser PR /13657

[patch binutils]: Fix PR 13297 for windres

[patch binutils]: Fix PR/13682 for dlltool

[Patch gas/mach-o 0/2] implement mach-o subsections-via-symbols.

[Patch gas/mach-o 1/2] implement mach-o subsections-via-symbols.

[Patch gas/mach-o 2/2] implement mach-o subsections-via-symbols.

[Patch gas/mach-o] Generate relocs for local subtractions.

[Patch gas/mach-o] let obj-mach-o know if we're generating 64b code.

[Patch gas/mach-o] pre-output error check hook.

[Patch gas/mach-o] try to specify section flags better

[patch gas/testsuite]: Fix testsuite failure for disp32 32-bit test for windows-targets

[patch gas]: Fix testsuite x86-64-disp32 test for x64 windows

[patch ld/binutils]: Fix PR/13710 for supporting broken user .def-file generation

[patch ld]: Fix duplicates in export-table due missing set of is_ident.

[patch ld]: Improve import-table linking and fixes some memory-leaks

[Patch mach-o/gas] fix thinko in indirect symbol handling.

[Patch mach-o] correct some section specification nits.

[Patch mach-o] correct vmsize calculation for zerofill cases.

[Patch mach-o] expand sectdiff support to 16 bit relocs.

[Patch mach-o] support LOCAL_SECTDIFF relocs for i386 mach-o.

[patch ob] Disallow -pie and -static

[Patch, mach-o/gas] correct a case where stub size is not filled in by GAS.

[Patch, RFC] avoid potential recursion, collect error and warning summaries.

[PATCH] [MIPS] add MIPS64DSPR2 support.

[PATCH] de-Linuxification

[patch] Fix gcc-4.7 memset zero-length warning

[patch] Fix readelf display of 8-byte values

Re: [patch] ld --gc-sections for COFF, 2nd try

[PATCH] objdump: Close fd if fstat failed

[Patch]: Fix crash in gprof (SunOS 5.8 only)

[PATCH][GOLD] Fix lower bound for number of bits.

[RFA/ARM] Add support for // comments

[RFA] PowerPC E5500 and E6500 support

Re: [RFA] PowerPC VLE port

[RFC PATCH] .bundle_align_mode

Re: [RFC] PR ld/13621

[VMS]: Fix thinko in elfNN_vms_object_p

[z80-coff-ld] how can I use ld for creating an exe from z80-coff-as ?

Another linker performance issue

Re: bfd_arch_info.fill vs ARM (bug 13616)

Re: bfd_find_nearest_line on powerpc64

binutils requirements

Re: Bug: rename.c - bucomm.h included before sys/stat.h

Re: building glibc with gold linker & -frecord-gcc-switches results in internal error

Cant` get the sources form CVS

Commit: Cgen: Avoid memory corruption processing complex relocs

configure without prefix

Convert ELF with stabs to A.OUT

Does objcopy --add-section .rsrc work for pei-i386?

Fix -gc-sections related abort

Fix presumed type clash in "ld - fix for bug 13343"

gold-linked dragonfly kernel unbootable, likely due to segment page size, alignment

Re: Initial MIPS patch for GOLD - version 3

Re: ld - fix for bug 13343

m68hc11 trampolines

New Serbian PO file for 'gprof' (version 2.21.53)

PATCH: Add HLEPrefixNone/HLEPrefixLock/HLEPrefixAny/HLEPrefixRelease

Patch: Add support for XGATE CPU and update M68HCS12X port

PATCH: Implement Intel Transactional Synchronization Extensions

PATCH: new linker option for shared library COMDAT optimization

PATCH: PR ld/13675: Broken x86 binaries for march < i686 (SIGILL due to multi byte NOP)

Re: Performance issue with GNU/ld and DLL

Re: PING Re: [RFA] Linker script extension SECTION_FLAGS

ping: Re: [Patch mach-o] support LOCAL_SECTDIFF relocs for i386 mach-o.

Possible to turn of section merging?

pr13355, rx typo


spu malloc fix

Strange ARM issue: wrong exception table type?

suggestion for gold's testsuite makefile (initpri2 LDFLAGS)

testsuite tweaks

Trivial doc patch

Weird error cross-compiling glibc with binutils 2.22 or head

windres handles #include suffixes?

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