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Re: Patch: Add support for XGATE CPU and update M68HCS12X port

I forgot to make NEWS entries where appropriate so I re-based my patch on the latest CVS head and included the news entries as plain tex in the attached file.


On 02/22/2012 06:16 PM, Sean Keys wrote:
Hi guys,
I noticed that my earlier patch included change log entries so I removed those and have included them as a separate plain text file with a new patched updated onto the latest from CVS a couple of hours ago. I hope that makes it easier for you to apply. Sorry for the mistake.

      Find attached a patch for Binutils that adds updates to the
port(S12X variant) as well as a new port for the XGATE processor.  The
s12x patches include updates to the opcode table as well as a few
miscellaneous updates that are necessary so both S12X and XGATE tools
can be used together.  They are different architectures but exist on
same die and share the same resources.

I have included gas documentation and gas test-suite updates that cover
the new port.  Binutils has been built and used with these patches on
several platforms.  If the patch needs to be broken down or changed let
me know. I know the patch is rather large, however the vast majority of
it is a brand new port and belongs together in a single commit.  The
patch was generated against CVS head(12-02-17).

Sean Keys

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