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Re: [z80-coff-ld] how can I use ld for creating an exe from z80-coff-as ?

.org doesn't do what you think it does.  gas isn't an absolute
assembler, but instead produces relocatable object files.  .org just
adds space to make the offset from the start of the current section
equal to its argument.

Ok, i did what you've said, and deleted .org argument in source file. I've also named sections, with : «.stub» for the header. «.mycode» for the real code, which should be loaded at 0xC000

1 .section .stub 2 0000 FE db $fe 3 0001 0000 1B00 dw debut,fin,debut 3 0000 4 5 ; don't use .ORG directive 6 ; .ORG $C000 7 8 .section .mycode 9 ; 10 debut: 11 0000 210D 00 LD HL,LABEL 12 0003 7E AFF: LD A,(HL) 13 0004 23 INC HL 14 0005 A7 AND A 15 0006 C8 RET Z 16 0007 CDA2 00 CALL $A2 ; HFDA4 ;CHPUT 17 ; 18 000a 18F7 JR AFF 19 000c C9 RET 20 000d 4865 6C6C LABEL: DEFB "Hello World",13,10,0 20 6F20 576F 20 726C 640D 20 0A00 21 fin: 22 END

And then, i've written this script:

       .stub 0xC000 - 7 : { *(.stub) }
       .code : { *(.mycode) }


Using this, i got correct output, working in emulator
00000000  fe 00 c0 1b c0 00 c0 21  0d c0 7e 23 a7 c8 cd a2
00000010  00 18 f7 c9 48 65 6c 6c  6f 20 57 6f 72 6c 64 0d
  |....Hello World.|
00000020  0a 00

You see the stub at the beginning:
 FE   (magic)
 00C0 (start adress of code: 0xC000)
 1BC0 (end address: 0xC0B1)
 00C0 (entry point, same as start)

And then,code following with correct relocation for execution at 0xC000.

The ld script is not very nice (the magic number «7»), but i couldn't manage to do better.
I you have a suggestion, it will be welcome.

Thank you for helping.

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