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gold-linked dragonfly kernel unbootable, likely due to segment page size, alignment

I have spent a few hours tweaking linker scripts to attempt to link a DragonFly BSD kernel that boots, but so far in vain.

I have attached readelf output for kernels built with gnu ld and gold to list the program headers, along with the version of the linker script I've been using.

This is the x86_64 platform, so the LOAD segment alignment of 0x200000 is what we want, but gold stubbornly uses 0x1000 over 3 segments versus the desired 0x200000 over 2 segments.

I have:
1) Tried building gold with a max-page-size of 0x200000 hardcoded in
2) Tried -z max-page-size=0x200000
3) Tried setting DATA_SEGMENT_ALIGN (0x200000, 0x200000) in the linker script

So far nothing has made any difference at all. At first glance, it appears the linkers interpret differently what the minimum page size should be.

The other information which may be important is that the first LOAD segment of the gold-built kernel has flags of "R" whereas the ld-built first LOAD segment has flags of "R E".

I'm pretty sure the only reason the gold-linked kernel won't load is due to size and alignment of the LOAD SEGMENTS. What setting can be used to force gold to create two 0x200000 segments like ld does?


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