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Re: suggestion for gold's testsuite makefile (initpri2 LDFLAGS)

John Marino <> writes:

> On 2/6/2012 13:06, John Marino wrote:
>> The initpri2 test can only pass if the --ctors-in-init-array option is
>> enabled.  With a default build, Gold enables this option by default.
>> Still, the testsuite should not assume the option is enabled, it should
>> explicitly set it.
>> Suggestion to change line 2280 of FROM:
>> @GCC_TRUE@@NATIVE_LINKER_TRUE@initpri2_LDFLAGS = -Bgcctestdir/
>> TO
>> @GCC_TRUE@@NATIVE_LINKER_TRUE@initpri2_LDFLAGS = -Bgcctestdir/ -Wl,--ctors-in-init-array
>> As background, the BSDs need to build Gold with a modified options.h
>> file to set --no-ctors-in-init-array as the default.  I'm in the
>> process of getting DragonFly BSD to support DT_INIT_ARRAY and friends
>> and this test was failing even though the crt1.o had been properly
>> modified to support it.  Making this change either has no effect or
>> it means the difference between a pass or fail on a capable system
>> with a non-standard ctors-in-init-array default.
>> John
> I don't think anybody responded to this post from last week, but I
> don't want it to fall between the cracks.  Is it a good idea to modify
> the gold testsuite makefile with this change?

Yes, it's fine.  The obvious patch is preapproved if anybody cares to
commit it.

Sorry, I've been completely swamped.


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