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Re: [RFC PATCH] .bundle_align_mode

Hi Roland,

A few thoughts on this feature:

* It might be useful to mention in the documentation why this feature is needed.

 When aligned instruction
+bundle mode is in effect, no single instruction may span a boundary between
+bundles.  If an instruction would start too close to the end of a bundle for
+the length of that particular instruction to fit within the bundle, then the
+space at the end of that bundle is filled with no-op instructions so the
+instruction starts in the next bundle.

* What about instructions with delay slots ?

* Would it be considered an error, or just unusual, if the .bundle_align_mode directive was used inside a non-executable section ?

+@section @code{.bundle_lock} and @code{.bundle_unlock}

* Can these directives be nested ?

* Presumably once a bundle has been created by the assembler, it needs to be preserved by the linker. Thus it seems to me that you are going to need a reloc or two to tell the linker about the bundle.

Cheers Nick

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