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Re: suggestion for gold's testsuite makefile (initpri2 LDFLAGS)

On 2/6/2012 13:06, John Marino wrote:
The initpri2 test can only pass if the --ctors-in-init-array option is
enabled.  With a default build, Gold enables this option by default.
Still, the testsuite should not assume the option is enabled, it should
explicitly set it.

Suggestion to change line 2280 of FROM:
@GCC_TRUE@@NATIVE_LINKER_TRUE@initpri2_LDFLAGS = -Bgcctestdir/
@GCC_TRUE@@NATIVE_LINKER_TRUE@initpri2_LDFLAGS = -Bgcctestdir/ -Wl,--ctors-in-init-array

As background, the BSDs need to build Gold with a modified options.h file to set --no-ctors-in-init-array as the default. I'm in the process of getting DragonFly BSD to support DT_INIT_ARRAY and friends and this test was failing even though the crt1.o had been properly modified to support it. Making this change either has no effect or it means the difference between a pass or fail on a capable system with a non-standard ctors-in-init-array default.


I don't think anybody responded to this post from last week, but I don't want it to fall between the cracks. Is it a good idea to modify the gold testsuite makefile with this change?


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