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Re: [PATCH] [MIPS] add MIPS64DSPR2 support.

On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 5:31 AM, Fu, Chao-Ying <> wrote:
> Richard Sandiford [] wrote:
>> Liu <> writes:
>> > I've added MIPS64DSPR2 support to binutils.
>> > Please review.
>> Following on from Chao-ying's question on the GCC list: what target
>> are you using? ?Is it an emulated implementation of MIPS64 DSPr2
>> (e.g. QEMU)? ?Or do you have a real hardware implementation?
>> Just curious :-)
>> Chao-ying, just to check: it sounded from your message on the GCC list
>> that some instructions had been removed from the ASE. ?Is that right?
>> If so, is the latest document on the MIPS website up-to-date,
>> or have there been changes since then?
>> Liu: In the meantime, a patch of this size will need a copyright
>> assignment. ?Do you already have one on file? ?If not, please send
>> a note to me privately and I can send you the form.
>> Thanks,
>> Richard
> ?MIPS has an internal MIPS64 DSP spec verison 3.00, but hasn't released yet.
> The version 3.00 spec is quite different from the previous version.
> The best for now is to assume all MIPS32 DSP r1/DSP r2 instructions appear in
> the MIPS64 DSP r1/DSP r2 spec, and to not support any new instructions in GCC/Binutils.
> People can just extend GNU SIM supports to execute MIPS32 DSP r1/DSP r2 instructions on MIPS64.
> For Jia Liu, could you just hold your patch for a while, and work on testing/supporting existing
> DSP instructions on MIPS64? ?Thanks a lot!

OK, I can work on MIPS[32/64]DSPr1.

> Regards,
> Chao-ying

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