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RE: [PATCH] [MIPS] add MIPS64DSPR2 support.

Richard Sandiford [] wrote:
> Liu <> writes:
> > I've added MIPS64DSPR2 support to binutils.
> > Please review.
> Following on from Chao-ying's question on the GCC list: what target
> are you using?  Is it an emulated implementation of MIPS64 DSPr2
> (e.g. QEMU)?  Or do you have a real hardware implementation? 
> Just curious :-)
> Chao-ying, just to check: it sounded from your message on the GCC list
> that some instructions had been removed from the ASE.  Is that right?
> If so, is the latest document on the MIPS website up-to-date,
> or have there been changes since then?
> Liu: In the meantime, a patch of this size will need a copyright
> assignment.  Do you already have one on file?  If not, please send
> a note to me privately and I can send you the form.
> Thanks,
> Richard

  MIPS has an internal MIPS64 DSP spec verison 3.00, but hasn't released yet.
The version 3.00 spec is quite different from the previous version.
The best for now is to assume all MIPS32 DSP r1/DSP r2 instructions appear in
the MIPS64 DSP r1/DSP r2 spec, and to not support any new instructions in GCC/Binutils.
People can just extend GNU SIM supports to execute MIPS32 DSP r1/DSP r2 instructions on MIPS64.
For Jia Liu, could you just hold your patch for a while, and work on testing/supporting existing
DSP instructions on MIPS64?  Thanks a lot!


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