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Re: 68hc11/12/s12x/xgate patch

Re: 68hc11/12/s12x/xgate patch - style question

WÅochy totalna wysprzedaÅ kryzysowa

[ Patch mach-o/gas] adjust more x86_64 relocs for GOT case.

[commit + gdb7.4] [patch] Fix zero registers core files w/gcc-4.7

[committed] Darwin: decode LC_ENCRYPTION_INFO

[committed] Fix handling of labels for .(d)tprel(d)word

[committed]: Darwin: define targ64_selvecs for i386-darwin

[Committed]: Darwin: enable gas for x86-64

[darwin/committed]: Add a few comments to bfd_mach_o_get_synthetic_symtab

[Darwin/committed]: Decode ARM subarch

[darwin/committed]: Decode fvmlib

[Darwin]: Handle more x86-64 relocations

[Darwin]: Support stat_arch_elt for mach-o fat binaries

[Darwin]: Use id for name of unknown arch fat binary members

[gold patch] Add inlined fast path for LEB128 routines

[gold] PATCH: Add typename on types used in template

[gold] PATCH: Check if -fpic -mtls-dialect=gnu2 works

[gold] PATCH: Check if -mcmodel=medium works

[gold] PATCH: Correct relocation offset

[gold] PATCH: Initial x32 support

[gold] PATCH: Properly handle R_X86_64_32 for x32

[gold] PATCH: Support x32 GD->IE and GD->LE optimizations

[gold] PATCH: Support x32 IFUNC function pointer

Re: [Patch Darwin/testsuite/objcopy] Do not try to run the copy-2/3.d tests for darwin.

Re: [Patch mach-o, indirect symbols 1/2] support indirect symbols in mach-o.

Re: [Patch mach-o, indirect symbols 2/2] tests for dysymtab

[Patch mach-o/bfd/gas] handle ABS indirect_symbols.

[Patch mach-o/bfd] improve build command routine robustness.

[Patch mach-o/bfd] Order relocs after the section data.

Re: [Patch mach-o/gas 1/2] support stabs

Re: [Patch mach-o/GAS 1/3] support mach-o symbol qualifiers.

Re: [Patch mach-o/gas 2/2] support stabs

Re: [Patch mach-o/GAS 2/3] support mach-o symbol qualifiers (tests 1).

Re: [Patch mach-o/GAS 3/3] support mach-o symbol qualifiers (tests 2).

[Patch mach-o/gas] implement .zerofill

[Patch mach-o/gas] reverse reloc lists

[Patch mach-o/gas] set section vma.

[Patch mach-o/gas] support .previous

[Patch mach-o/gas] support section stack.

[Patch mach-o] don't set file offsets / write .zerofill sections

[Patch macho/bfd/gas] .indirect_symbol, take 2.

[Patch macho/bfd/gas] .indirect_symbol, take 3.

[Patch macho/bfd/gas] .indirect_symbol, tests

[PATCH, AVR] Fix PR13410 (reformatted)

[PATCH, microblaze/ld] Reuse section

[PATCH,AVR] Fix PR13410

[Patch/committed]: Explain PEF and XSYM files

[patch] Add new DW_AT and DW_FORM codes for Fission

[Patch] Darwin: dump segment split info

[PATCH] Fix assembling 68851 pmove insns

[PATCH] FIx mips PR 13509: not all labels are moved

[Patch] Fix PR 13591

[PATCH] initial i386-nacl target support for gas

Re: [PATCH] Mach-O: Follow Apple's dSYM files

[PATCH] Multi-thread core file support for OpenBSD

[PATCH] obey --without-zlib in binutils and ld builds

[PATCH] Prevent broken sysv-style hash table when --hash-style=both

Re: [PATCH] Remove incorrect ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED

[patch] rl78 - add not1 opcode

[Patch] Windows TLS enhancements

Re: [Patch]: gas: create struct symbol_flags

[Patch]: Handle nested archives (in bfd)

[Patch]: Improve handling of DW_LNE_define_file

[Patch]: objdump nested archives

[Patch]: use arelt_size macro in bfdio.c

Re: [rfc v2][1/3] Remote core file generation: BFD support

Re: [RFC] Add support for .debug_gdb_scripts to mach-o.

[RFC] PR ld/13621

Re: [rfc][1/3] Remote core file generation: BFD support

ar mishandles files bigger than 2GB

bfd_arch_info.fill vs ARM (bug 13616)

bfd_find_nearest_line on powerpc64

Build trunk got error

ChangeLogs rotated

Commit: Add test for linking mixed 32-bit and 64-bit object files.

Debuggin info for unused sections

Re: Duplicate 0x prefix - cr16 - bug. no. 10173

elfcpp patch committed: Add comment for STT_GNU_IFUNC

Ensuring symbol resolution order at runtime

GNU Tools Cauldron 2012 - Call for Abstracts and Participation

Re: gold linker 2.22 regressed for DragonFly

Re: gold linker 2.22 regressed for DragonFly [revised testsuite results]

gold linker support for shared libraries on powerpc

gold patch committed: Always pad with nops

gold patch committed: Update copyright year in

Initial MIPS patch for GOLD - version 3

Initializing a bfd* without using openr_bfd (nor _bfd_new_bfd()) ?

Insider ALERT message #7579b16b8a158d22

ld linker script and non-contiguous memory region

ld testsuite collect-ld

Mixing libraries for different architectures into a shared lib

New Russian PO file for 'binutils' (version 2.21.53)

nm sort options

NYC: Moving and other jobs from 19$ per man on van/truck/hour,discounts for long time jobs or fix rate for whole jobs

PATCH: Add .d8 suffix support to x86 assembler

PATCH: Add vmfunc

Re: PATCH: PR gold/13507: Gold assumes GOT entry size is the same as ELF class size

PATCH: PR ld/13581: R_X86_64_PC32 against global symbol can't be used for PIC on x32

PATCH: PR ld/13616: linker should pad executable sections with nops, not zeros

Performance issue with GNU/ld and DLL

ping: [patch] Fix zero registers core files w/gcc-4.7

PR12758, lto vs archives.

PR13491 fix

Re: Release 2.22: Next week ... (m68hc11 testsuite)

RE: segmentation fault with --relax option, avr target

Supporting more than one CPU with the same gas port.

Typo in c-tic6x.texl

Update copyright message

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