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Re: [patch] Add new DW_AT and DW_FORM codes for Fission

On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 05:54:26PM -0800, Cary Coutant wrote:
> I'd like to add these new DW_AT and DW_FORM codes for the Fission project:
> We're currently working on the Fission implementation in GCC, gold,
> and binutils, but I'd like to at least lay claim to the actual values
> to prevent overlap with any other extensions that someone might start
> working on.
> In GCC, we're working on the (git-only) google/debugfission branch.
> We'll be sending gold and binutils patches soon.
> Any objections? Is this OK for trunk in binutils and gcc trees?

If the DW_FORM_ values are meant to be in a vendor range of forms
(which DWARF4 unfortunately doesn't have), aren't they too low, i.e. isn't
there risk that eventually they'll clash with standard forms?
The forms numbers aren't limited to 0 .. 0x7f, at the expense of a slightly
bigger abbrev table you could as well use something very high, like 0x380+.
And, if you want to standardize it, I'd assume the codes would be lower
on the other side (there are still even free codes from 0x1a through to


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