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Re: Ensuring symbol resolution order at runtime

On 01/20/2012 04:57 PM, Cary Coutant wrote:
As long as the runtime loader sees the same libraries that the linker
saw, yes, there is a guarantee. However, if is replaced with a
library that does not define "foo", then the dynamic loader will bind
"foo" to the definition in without any complaint.

So, to be as specific as I can, not only will the runtime loader see those same libraries, but it will look at them in the *same order* that the static linker did (presumably because the static linker will list them in the linked executable in the order it processed them, and the dynamic linker follows that order).

Yes. The ABI requires that:

"When the dynamic linker creates the memory segments for an object
file, the dependencies (recorded in DT_NEEDED entries of the dynamic
structure) tell what shared objects are needed to supply the program's
services. By repeatedly connecting referenced shared objects and their
dependencies, the dynamic linker builds a complete process image. When
resolving symbolic references, the dynamic linker examines the symbol
tables with a breadth-first search. That is, it first looks at the
symbol table of the executable program itself, then at the symbol
tables of the DT_NEEDED entries (in order), and then at the second
level DT_NEEDED entries, and so on. Shared object files must be
readable by the process; other permissions are not required." [from

Thank you very much for the help; the ABI documentation reference is especially helpful.

Kevin P. Fleming
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