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gold linker support for shared libraries on powerpc


I haven't been able to determine definitively if there is support in the "gold" linker for generating shared libraries for powerpc (cross-linked on x86-linux).

My experiments seem to show that it cannot be done. The gold linker complains about a relocation in my crti.o file (of type R_PPC_LOCAL24PC):

   .../target/usr/lib/crti.o: requires unsupported dynamic reloc;
   recompile with -fPIC

In addition, gold complains about about a R_POWERPC_REL32 relocation in my single (test) object file (which was compiled with -fPIC):

   error: shared.o: unsupported reloc 26 against global symbol

Granted, the compile is quite old (gcc 3.4.3). The crti.o file comes from a Montavista embedded Linux distribution.

The GNU ld which came with the compiler toolchain has no problems creating a shared library with the identical inputs.

So, is "gold" supposed to be able to create powerpc shared libraries?


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