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Re: gold linker 2.22 regressed for DragonFly [revised testsuite results]

On 1/5/2012 7:31 PM, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
2. __bss_start not local, rtld issue? real issue? (failed on v2.21 too)

Hard to understand why this would fail. The __bss_start symbol is defined automatically by the linker itself.

ok. I thought I remembered seeing references to __bss_start in rtld code, so I suspected rtld was the culprit.

3. exception_static_test: likely real problem. gdb log attached

My first guess would be that DragonFly does not support dl_iterate_phdr, or that it does not work correctly for statically linked executables. That's just a guess, though.

I brought in dl_iterate_phdr support to dragonfly (system compiler is 4.4.7 snapshot, 2011-10-25), and it appears to be working although maybe in the case of statically linked executables it's not. What handles the latter? Is that an rtld thing?

4. intpri2: likely real problem. gdb log attached

This is almost certainly the same issue as the --no-ctors-in-init-array issue: DragonFly does not suppor DT_INIT_ARRAY.

If I wanted to add DT_INIT_ARRAY support to DragonFly, what component needs to be updated? again rtld?

5. relro_test:            no relro support in rtld, ignore
6. relro_now_test:        no relro support in rtld, ignore
7. relro_strip_test:      no relro support in rtld, ignore

Yeah, if the dynamic linker does not handle relro, then these tests are expected to fail.


As far as I can tell, no BSD supports relro and it seems to be of limited value so I don't suspect this will change any time soon.


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