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Re: 68hc11/12/s12x/xgate patch

Find attached my latest revision of a patch to the m68hc11 port 

-include somes work from Stephane Carrez that never made it

-Adds support for the S12X derivative of the HC12/S12 family
(new opcodes added, extended modes, testsuites)

-Adds support for the built-in XGATE co-processor (only exists paired
with S12X, not in isolation.)
(gas, bfd, ld, opcodes, testsuite)

-Fix up hc11/12 far call trampoline generation (broken in 2006)

-Change objdump output to use hex numbering with 0x prefixes in a more
common manner. (Was a confusing mix of hex and decimal with and without
base prefixes before.)

-Adjust hc11/12 testsuites to reflect that changed format and other
binutils changes since 2005.

-Enable testsuites for main m68hc11 target. (Many were enabled for m6811
instead for unknown reasons.)

The core of this work has been in production use (against 2.18) for a
number of years. Thanks to Sean Keys for giving me feedback on the XGATE
assembler over the last few weeks. 


James Murray

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