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Re: [Patch mach-o/gas] support section stack.

Hi Tristan,

On 5 Jan 2012, at 09:27, Tristan Gingold wrote:
+static char *
+obj_mach_o_maybe_quoted_canonical_section_name (char *bf)

Looks like a little bit far-fetch. So we accept '.pushsection .text' but not '.section .text' ?

I was wondering about making .section accept 'elf' syntax too for canonical section names.
but - we can't really act on the rest of the line, so would have to discard the @... stuff.

It's a question of whether that compatibility helps or hinders us...

You really need to document the use of BF and the return value. Why 255 ? A constant would be better IMHO.
yes it would - will do.
+# { dg-warning ".popsection without corresponding .pushsection; ignored" "" { target *-*-darwin*} 5 }

Otherwise OK, but I am a bit dubious about the use of it.

Well, it was partially an exercise - done while trying to look at that gdb python test-case that uses it.

We could leave it for now ... it's not a high priority.


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