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Re: PATCH: PR gold/13507: Gold assumes GOT entry size is the same as ELF class size

> Fundamentally the generic incremental linker code in is
> going to have to ask the target for the size of a GOT entry. ?That is
> true under any possible scheme. ?This could be done by making
> Output_data_got a virtual class, or via some other scheme.

This patch adds an abstract base class so that do_process_got_plt()
doesn't need to know the size of the GOT entries. OK to commit?


2012-01-03  Cary Coutant  <>

	* gold/ (Sized_incremental_binary::do_process_got_plt):
	Use abstract base class for GOT.
	* gold/output.h (class Output_data_got_base): New abstract base class.
	(class Output_data_got): Derive from new base class, adjust ctors.
	(Output_data_got::reserve_slot): Make virtual; rename to
	do_reserve_slot; Adjust callers.
	* gold/target.h (Sized_target::init_got_plt_for_update): Return
	pointer to abstract base class.
	* gold/ (Target_x86_64::init_got_plt_for_update): Likewise.

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