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Re: gold linker 2.22 regressed for DragonFly

John Marino <> writes:

> Editing ld1_LDFLAGS to add --no-ctors-in-init-array is effectively this.
> Also the title of this post is "gold linker 2.22 REGRESSED for
> DragonFly".  gold linker 2.21 doesn't need this switch to build itself.

The --no-ctors-in-init-array option is new for 2.22.  It turns off new
functionality which was added in gold 2.22.  This new functionality only
works on a system which supports the DT_INIT_ARRAY dynamic tag.  My
guess is that DragonFly does not support that.  So, we need to have some
way for the configure script to detect whether DT_INIT_ARRAY works.  We
should be able to use gcc_AC_INITFINI_ARRAY as a model, from

> I just drilled into the testsuite directory and typed ">gmake
> check-TESTS" and went through 137 tests.  DragonFly failed 42 of them
> (attached).

That doesn't work, you have to run "make check".  That is an automake

> I'm also getting several similar error messages like, "
> Makefile:2639: warning: overriding recipe for target 'ifuncmain1picstatic'
> Makefile:2636: warning: ignoring old recipe for target 'ifuncmain1picstatic'"

Interesting, this looks like it might be a bug in automake.  The code in
gold/testsuite/ is:

if GCC
check_PROGRAMS += ifuncmain1picstatic
ifuncmain1picstatic: ifuncmain1pic.o ifuncmod1.o gcctestdir/ld
	$(LINK) -Bgcctestdir/ -static ifuncmain1pic.o ifuncmod1.o

The corresponding lines in gold/testsuite/, which is
generated by automake, are:

@GCC_FALSE@ifuncmain1picstatic$(EXEEXT): $(ifuncmain1picstatic_OBJECTS) $(ifuncmain1picstatic_DEPENDENCIES) 
@HAVE_STATIC_FALSE@ifuncmain1picstatic$(EXEEXT): $(ifuncmain1picstatic_OBJECTS) $(ifuncmain1picstatic_DEPENDENCIES) 
@IFUNC_FALSE@ifuncmain1picstatic$(EXEEXT): $(ifuncmain1picstatic_OBJECTS) $(ifuncmain1picstatic_DEPENDENCIES) 
@IFUNC_STATIC_FALSE@ifuncmain1picstatic$(EXEEXT): $(ifuncmain1picstatic_OBJECTS) $(ifuncmain1picstatic_DEPENDENCIES) 
@NATIVE_LINKER_FALSE@ifuncmain1picstatic$(EXEEXT): $(ifuncmain1picstatic_OBJECTS) $(ifuncmain1picstatic_DEPENDENCIES) 

It seems to me that automake should only be emitting the rules for
ifuncmain1picstatic$(EXEEXT) if all of the conditions are true.  I don't
know why it is emitting rules if any of the conditions are false.  When
any of the conditions are false, there is no reason to build
ifuncmain1picstatic at all.


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