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Re: [Patch mach-o, indirect symbols 1/2] support indirect symbols in mach-o.

On 3 Jan 2012, at 16:31, Iain Sandoe wrote:

I am not sure I follow the question - we are constrained to do things in a particular order by needing certain dependent information.

to construct and order the symtab - we need the sections.
to construct the indirect symbol dependent indices - we need the symbols sorted.

to construct the indirect symbol *value* we need the string table offset for the dependent symbol (which is only available when the symbol table is written). Note that this is academic when we write a dysymtab - since we don't then write 'bare' indirect symbols. If we do not write the dysymtab - then the 'normal' symbols precede the indirect ones which means that we get the *value* just in time.

I have just realized I misunderstood indirect symbols, simply because that's ambiguous.

well, maybe I have too ;-)
-- it's a weird scenario when there's a type that is not actually emitted - but is recognized.

looking again at the mach-o file format doc, I think I have...

it seems that N_INDR is an alias (wonder why the native as doesn't use it?)


Well, OK, the simplest solution is to keep the code mechanism as is - but to use a new/different flag to signal .indirect_symbols .. the sorting etc. doesn't really need to change (just the bits using IS_MACHO_INDIRECT - which needs to utilize a different flag) .. any suggestions about the Right Flag (or a new one)?

The GAS end will need amending to use a SET_MACHO_INDIRECT .. but that's also not too too bad...

.. WDYT?

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